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About Pinnacle Technology Services

managed-it-servicesPinnacle Technology Services is a firm that specializes in information technology development and support. We’re based out of Salinas, California. Our objective as a company is to offer businesses of all sizes top-notch information technology maintenance and support options. Therefore, we strive to help companies thrive and grow within their specific industries.

Working With Pinnacle Tech Services

When our clients work with us, we assist them by establishing strategies that are simultaneously smart and economically feasible. We work hard to accommodate all of our clients’ specific budget requirements, as well. Our dedicated, talented and highly experienced team is made up of a combination of customer service experts, programming aficionados and certified developers. All of these professionals work together to offer our clients the finest information technology support assistance around.

Pinnacle Technology Services works hard to provide all customers with the utmost degree of comfort and security. If you hire our company and need help due to an issue at 2:00 in the morning, you don’t have to hesitate to contact us. Our staff members are on hand around the clock to assist valued clients with their problems. We’re fully aware of the significance of business functions, after all.

What Pinnacle Tech Offers

Some examples of our many specialties and areas of expertise include secure data destruction, web development, video installation, audio installation, MAC and PC computer repair, surveillance camera systems, and, last but not least, managed information support services. Our managed information support service specialties include but aren’t limited to compliance and security and data protection.

Pinnacle Technology Services is proudly owned by Jayvir Patel, who is often referred to simply as “Jay.” Jay also happens to be the company president. He created Pinnacle Technology Services back in 2009. He did so because he believed that he was capable of offering superior computer services to those that were already available in his surroundings. In the beginning, Jay concentrated primarily on the medical care industry. The company has over the years expanded and started to accommodate businesses from all different fields, however.

We have worked with many prominent and highly respected companies. Some examples of these include Symantec, Cisco, GFI and McAfee. If you want more information on our successful past collaborations, feel free to read some of the client testimonials that are available on our website, too. At Pinnacle Technology Services, there’s absolutely nothing more important to us than doing good, top quality work for all of our clients. When our clients feel good about the information technology work we provide for them, we feel good, too. We never settle for anything less than the best at Pinnacle Technology Services.

If you work for an organization or business that could seriously benefit from thorough information support strategies, our company makes a superb choice for you. If you’re interested in any of our services, you can contact us by submitting the brief form that’s available on our website. You can also opt to set up a service request. Our goal is to make communicating with our clients an easy, streamlined and completely hassle-free process.

Pinnacle Technology Services proudly serves San Jose, Salinas and the Monterey Bay area. Please don’t hesitate to call us for your IT needs – 831-240-4703.

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