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Security and Compliance

securite-compliance-salinas-montereyBusinesses that work with government contracts; law enforcement agencies; corporations required to follow strict disclosure laws; institutions dealing with confidential health records; and anyone needing to protect customer payment information must all follow complex rules that define compliance standards.

Pinnacle Technology Services stays current with regulations for multiple business models in Salinas, San Jose and the Monterey Bay area. We’ll guide you through the required steps and ensure that your company meets technology and security specifications for compliance in your field. We cover:

Department of Defense: Contracts with the DOD may require classified clearances, physical security, restricted information access, procedure documentation and more. We’ll help you stay within the letter of the law.

Criminal Justice Information System: CJIS compliance gives law enforcement organizations access to sensitive personal information that’s essential to solving crimes. Maintaining secure-access protocols is crucial.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act: The SOX Act protects consumers from the types of corporate and other financial scandals that occurred in recent years. Penalties for financial fraud are severe, and management is responsible for accurate disclosures. We’ll help you remain compliant.

Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health: The HITECH Act helps ensure the security of electronic medical records. While computerized data often enhance treatment, such records are a target for privacy violations. HITECH uses steep penalties to enforce HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) regulations. We’ll make sure you stay up-to-date with compliance standards.

Payment Card Industry: The biggest newsmaker in hacking is the theft of payment card information. Any business that accepts credit or debit payments, or any that transmit or store card information, must adhere to specific data-security standards known as PCI DSS. Compliance helps keep your customers safe.